Impowerus connects juvenile immigrants with attorneys performing pro bono work in immigration services. Impowerus is powered by relationships between legal aid clinics, law firms, and individuals within the community. Reach out to us for more information. 

We are being featured on LexBlog right now, check out the team's interview.

How does Impowerus work?

Partner Dashboard

Impowerus utilizes various dashboards to connect partners, attorneys, and juveniles. On their dashboard, partners are able to see the hours logged by attorneys within their firm, along with informative analytics concerning what issues most interest their attorneys. 

Attorney Dashboard

Attorneys are able to chat with juveniles over video, log their hours, and keep case details. On our "skills section" they can also watch informative videos on immigration law and read blog posts concerning best practices.

Client Dashboard

Our user-friendly, bright, and intuitive user platform for juveniles is easy to use, informative and child-friendly. We plan on working with community resource centers to promote Impowerus for use there, at libraries, and even at schools. Whether they use those centers, or connect from home, children can connect with their attorney remotely. 

How can attorneys help?

If you're an attorney looking to get involved with Impowerus, the best way to help right now is by taking our online survey. We want to hear from you about the features you want to see on impowerus! What will make your job easier? 

Impowerus to empower youth

Help support the Impowerus team's push through final development for our prospective launch in August of 2018. All of the money donated here will go towards the creation of the platform.

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Interested in a partnership?

Working with Community Organizations

Are you a community organization working with young immigrant populations in need of legal aid? Our platform will allow your clients the ability to connect, for free, with a volunteer attorney. 

Working with Law Firms

Are you a firm looking for an innovation solution to the difficulty of finding and scheduling clients and the expense of paying pro bono overhead? Let us source clients for you in the immigration sphere. 

Working with Legal Aid Clinics

Are you a legal aid clinic with clients in need of a volunteer attorney? Reach out to us and we will connect you with a volunteer attorney in your network. 

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Impowerus volunteer attorneys answer questions relating to immigrations concerns most commonly felt by youth. Impowerus works to lower the cost of performing pro bono, while allowing firms to do more of it. 

Upcoming Events

Impowerus is presenting at various forums in Chicago, Indianapolis, and more. Subscribe below to hear from us regarding where we will be next so that you can see our product live!

Social Media

Connect with us across all platforms, and keep your ear to the ground as we move forward. Look forward to our connected blog! We are currently on Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, and Twitter

Current Pricing

Immigrant youth, as well as legal aid clinics and community organizations, pay nothing to access to the site. For pricing models for firms, contact us using the form below. 


Impowerus was recently honored as one of the top eight student tech startups in the nation by Student Startup Madness, and the team will be presenting at South by Southwest. Read about us in the Indiana Lawyer, with more publications soon. 


How do I access the site? What features are present on my dashboard? Do I have the relevant skills to volunteer? Is my firm right for this project? Contact us for the answer to these questions. 

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